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I ordered the Lavender Symphony and OMG! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!! It keeps my skin soft and moisturized ALL DAY!!!! I have not returned to the Whole Foods Market for anymore body moisturizer since making my initial purchase with Symphony. Thanks Sybil for making such a great product! My son starting using the Alpha Man body butter for his eczema and he is extremely happy with the results. No more itchy dry skin!! His eczema has significantly improved! He loves it and so does my husband!

Dr. Chevelta

Amazing Product and Wonderful Scent

This body butter is truly amazing. Applies effortlessly and covers the body with very small amounts during application. Smooth texture leaves skin feeling moisturized and protected while the lavender scent gives you a smell that works for all occasions. I highly recommend.

Cree Moore

Feels So Good!!!

Let me tell you something..... this product has changed my life for the better.....My skin feels so soft and refreshing. I'm telling you this will be my treat to myself as a spa day! I feel like I'm on an island when I apply it....I advice everyone to get this product it is worth the investment! I Love It....

Tinisha Brown

Body Butter

Symphony body butter is wonderful! I highly recommend it, my skin feels like silk when I use it. The lavender just relaxes me after a long day of working on my feet, come home shower then my body is full of Symphony Lavender Body Butter I sleep so sweetly. You must get your Body butter today. Customer service is awesome.


AMAZING!! You have to buy!

I have been a loyal customer of symphony for years and they have never disappointed me. So! When my boyfriend dipped his fingers in my body butter I knew he would fall in love with it just like I did. He used the entire container so I ended up purchasing him an entire gift set for Christmas and he was so happy! We will definitely always be loyal! The application is amazing, we love the scent, and it leaves you feeling so smooth and soft. 10/10


Lemon is my favorite!!!

Please trust me when I tell you that the lemon body butter is amazzzzzing!!! As soon as you break the seal you smell the amazing lemon aroma. It wakes up your senses!!! The texture of the body butter is amazzzzing!!! It feels like...butter in my hands. My skin thanks me every time I apply the body butter to it. This body butter makes my skin glisten and keeps it supple. It would be difficult to go back to you regular lotion after using this product and why would you want to?!?!?! I recommend this body butter to everyone I know. Your skin will thank you!!!

Dana Nadine White

Lavender Body Butter

One day I changed purses and forgot to grab a lip gloss. Well lo and behold I had a free sample of the body butter that I had received when I purchased mine. I already love this product for the way it keeps my feet, elbows, and other dry places moisturized but do you know that it kept my lips soft and moist the whole work day!!

Michelle Westbrook

Jasmine Mango Butter

The Jasmine Mango Butter was everything for my skin. Having dry skin with eczema the butter has been a lifesaver for my skin. It absorbs fast, last all day, and smells great.


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