Our Story

Welcome to Symphony Body Products! We create plant based handcrafted skin products for people with sensitive, and dry skin that will replenish and rehydrates. 
The Beginning
Symphony Body Products was birthed from a love for purity and a pursuit to create something with simple, natural ingredients that brings healing and harmony to the  skin. Our mission since 2016 is to create products that are pure, effective and functional, so there are no dyes, harmful fillers, or parabens in our products. With a strong commitment to being exceptional, we use a composition of only the best natural ingredients and handcraft our products in small batches to maximize freshness.
Our Founder: Sybil F. Bull
 Sybil Bull is passionate about family, health and innovation. She is a speaker, optimum cultivator and mother of seven young adults. Over the past 25 years, Sybil has been training and developing leaders, mentoring and giving back to her community. She is a mixture of creativity and determination and loves to bring harmony to all she does from creating products to educating others.
Her journey to health and wellness was initiated by her love for her family. After having children and discovering that some suffered from allergies, Sybil began to educate herself on what caused allergies and the best way to treat it. Years later, in 2015, when her husband and daughter broke out with severe dermatitis and eczema Sybil became determined to find an answer that would heal their skin problem.
She refused to use anything with synthetics, parabens, fillers, or fragrance and  formulated small batches of product with only natural ingredients. After a week of applying the product, their skin began to rapidly heal.
One day as Sybil was making another small batch of skin products, her family encouraged her to share this product with others who may be encountering the same skin challenges. After careful consideration and her love to give back, Symphony Body Products was born.
We hope you will love Symphony Body Products as much as our family.