Our Story


Symphony Body Products was founded in 2015 by Sybil F. Bull. Her strong belief, and conviction about skincare products promoting a healthy lifestyle led her to gain knowledge about ingredients that nourish the skin. Her passion for finding answers to her family’s skin care challenges led to the creation of Symphony Body Products

Our Beginning 
We believe that beauty products should be simple, natural, safe and affordable.  After years of purchasing a variety of lotions and balms for her family of nine, Sybil Bull decided to create her own body butter that provided natural nutrients for her family’s sensitive skin. In her personal time, she began to experiment with different oils and natural butters and after only a week, her family saw results. Her family kept asking for more body butter because their skin was loving the new product and shortly thereafter, Symphony Body Products was birthed. 
Since it’s founding, Symphony Body Products has additional skin care that includes body scrubs and lip scrubs which delivers a skin pampering experience. 

Our line currently consists of body butters and sugar scrubs and they are naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants & fatty acids to protect, nourish and bring harmony to your skin.

Symphony Body Products offers truly natural skin care, hand crafted here in the US from only the purest, cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable oils, organic unrefined virgin shea & cocoa butters, virgin organic coconut oil. There are no hidden chemicals, perfumes or synthetic additives.

Experience SYMPHONY to Experience Serenity.

Help us grow by purchasing lots of products for your family and friends :)