The Difference between lotion and body butter.

Body Butter was first born or launched in the late 90s and has become one of the top skin care products in the last decade. It is not uncommon to search on the web for skin products, and body butter does not pop up. But what exactly is the difference between lotion and body butter?

What is lotion?

The lotion is a low-viscosity topical preparation intended for application to the skin. (Wikipedia) Most lotions are made with water which our skin needs, are lighter, have oil droplets, and are non-greasy. A lotion has a more significant percentage of water in the formula and is thinner in consistency. It is easy to spread, quickly absorbed, and feels light on the skin.

What are the benefits of lotion?

Our skin readily absorbs lotion because it has a lower viscosity than butter. Normal to slightly dry skin is excellent for lotion. You can use a lotion during the day and in hot weather because it leaves a less greasy residue.

What is body butter?

Body Butter is similar to the creamy butter we eat. It is made with luxurious ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter essential, and carrier oils with no water added. Butters are the crucial fats and minerals extracted from natural ingredients (palm, shea, cocoa, mango, etc.) Each butter will vary in its unique texture, rigidity, and absorbency. Body Butter is thicker than lotion and has a greasy feeling when applied because there is no water added.

What are the benefits of body butter?

Body butter is excellent for extremely dry or cracked skin that requires a more intensive moisturizer. Because body butter uses fats as raw material, it is a preferable option for sensitive skin to ease dry skin conditions such as mild to moderate eczema.

Lotion or Body Butter?

Both lotions and body butter are good for skin hydration. We need hydration for the skin to have a more healthy appearance.

Body butter uses more natural ingredients and is usually less processed, using plant fats as the main ingredients. For those with dry or sensitive skin, you may discover body butter will assist with your skin condition.

Our Body Butter

Symphony Body Products are created for those sensitive to dehydrated skin who need in-depth hydration. We formulate rich butter with carrier and essential oils for a luxuriously creamy product that offers adequate nourishment for your skin.

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