Why your skin needs Vitamin E

Why is Vitamin E so important?

Vitamin E may help to reduce itchy skin and ease eczema.
Vitamin E cannot treat allergic reactions, infections, and other issues that cause skin itching.
Because it moisturizes the skin, however, it may offer temporary relief from itching caused by dry skin.
Keeping skin well moisturised may help to prevent dry skin, and prevent symptoms such as itchiness. Any kind of oil safe for skin may offer these benefits.


Vitamin E may alleviate the dryness, itching, and flaking associated with eczema, or atopic dermatitis.
One study found that oral vitamin E supplements could produce significant improvements in eczema symptoms. Though vitamin E oil has not been well-studied in the treatment of eczema, it may increase the effectiveness of topical moisturizers.

All our body butters are handcrafted with Vitamin E to help prevent dry flaky skin. We recommend our unscented body butter for those with extremely sensitive skin.

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